Unmanned aircraft

Specialty design and development work for long range, high altitude e.g.

LALE 400 Extreme endurance aircraft for continuous sensing.
SeaScan Miniature autonomous long endurance aircraft for multiple sensors.
Aerosonde Miniature autonomous long endurance aircraft
Perseus High altitude aircraft
Future projects


Wing span 23 m
MTOW 105 kg
MR speed ~20 KTAS
MCR speed 45 KTAS
Max endurance >400 hrs
Max useful load (fuel & payload) 49 kg


Seascan at sea
at sea

Seascan flight test
flight test

Seascan flight test

Seascan in University of Washington wind tunnel
In the University of Washington Kirsten wind tunnel UWAL .

For technical data see manufacturer Insitu


The Aerosonde is a small low cost autonomous aircraft for sounding in remote areas. It typically carries instrumentation to measure temperature, pressure, humidity and wind vector. It has fantastic range and endurance (> 2500 km > 30 hours). Newer versions are developed and produced by Aerosonde .
photo: Keith Gross
The launch to the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean...

the crossing route
The transatlantic crossing route.

developed by TadMcGeer at al, Underwood, WA
Span 3m
MTOW 14kg
max payload + fuel 5 kg
Engine Enya 4cycle 800 W
max altitude 15000 ft
vy @ MTOW 40 KEAS

Perseus A

Perseus A
How to carry a 50kg payload to the stratosphere ?Perseus A climbed to ~50000 ft in Aug 1994, a Perseus B climbed to 60260 ft in June 1998.

Perseus A
Manufacturer Aurora Flight Sciences, Manassas, VA
Span 18.1 m
MTOW 800 kg
Max payload 50 kg
Engine Rotax 912, 4cycle, 80 HP, closed cycle, liquid cooled
prop 2 composite blades, dia=4.4m, 600...1200 rpm
Vy 50 KEAS
Design altitude FL850

Future UAV projects

For different customers plenty of feasibility studies and preliminary designs in all weight classes and with all propulsion options: electric, piston, turboprop, turbofan.
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